>Wanna get spoiled?

>Actually, she doesn’t give all that much away, but Claire Gross’ review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is up. The review will appear in the September/October issue of the Horn Book Magazine.

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  1. rindawriter says:

    >What elegant, gracious prose Claire writes! Enjoyed her words.

  2. fairrosa says:

    >.. and pretty much no spoiling at all. What a feat!r

  3. >What about the adverbs? I thought it was the Horn Book reviewer’s job to harp about them. Or was that what the “Ron said sycophantically” reference was all about?

  4. Amy Wachspress says:

    >I don’t think we’re ready for spoilers yet. An awful lot of people have not had a chance to read HP7 and won’t get to it for awhile, most of all our low-income children who are waiting for the book through their libraries or to borrow it from a more financially secure friend. There are also slow readers, readers who wish to savor the book, and readers with busy lives who have to carve out time for it. I hope everyone keeps their mouth shut for awhile.
    If you are interested, check out my article about why I bought HP7 at my local bookstore for full price. (And no spoilers). Find me at shakabaz.blogspot.com
    Amy (author of The Call to Shakabaz)

  5. Roger Sutton says:

    >Yes, if reviewers really wanted to be considerate of their public, they would wait to file their reviews until after everyone had read the book.

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