>As Claire originally began her review, WTF?

>So keep that in mind when you read her review of The Seeker.

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  1. >Just seeing the previews for The Seeker, I knew the movie was going to be as wretched as Claire Gross confirms in her review. The BBC needs to start production on their version right now. . . .

  2. GraceAnne LadyHawk says:

    >Brava Claire. Elegantly vicious, and brilliantly expressed. A far better review than the movie deserves.

  3. >I’m going to pretend that this movie never happened, and that a Hayao Miyazaki version is in the works instead. (A girl can wish!)

  4. >Oh, yeah, I could go for a Miyazaki film. It would be changed but still very fine. As for the books, I didn’t read them until i was 50, and they thrilled me and chilled me and wrapped me in Cornish fogs, Welsh mists, and always a great sense of place. They resonate in my head more than a decade later. Thanks for the warning on the film.

  5. >Great review–reminds me of why I love the books so much. My heart breaks for Susan Cooper. I say we should organize a boycott of the film.

  6. Roger Sutton says:

    >Oh, I think the boycott is already well under way ;-)

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