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>I love Marla Frazee’s A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever (a BGHB honor book this year) but wondered about the audience. Lily Feldman clears that up for me.

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  1. fairrosa says:

    >Be very careful, Roger. She is only one child, not “people.”

  2. Roger Sutton says:

    >”I contain multitudes,” said Lily. ;-)

    What I thought was most interesting was the way she talked about younger kids not getting it–it’s like the way older kids say “I love this book, but I don’t think fifth-graders would be mature enough for it.” Kids love to feel superior to younger kids (and their own younger selves).

  3. Monica Edinger says:

    >Roger,I thought the same thing when I heard that comment of Lily’s. But I think she and the kids I hear doing this are being perfectly sincere and earnest — I often hear it about books my students think would be too scary for younger kids. And often they are right — I love listening to them think back to their youth (of four and five years-old) when movies like The Wizard of Oz frighten them. Of course, the same movie terrified me in spots when I was THEIR age, but that’s a different issue.

  4. Stacy Dillon says:

    >I think it really depends on how sophisticated the reader is. I shopped this title to my 2nd graders, and one class thought it was simply hilarious, and another class did not get it at all. They all, however, loved the penguins at the end. Hmm.

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