>James Joyce wins BGHB?

>You know, I was there and it was nothing like this.

[Update--the link was to a German blog titled "Boston Globe Horn Book Awards" filled with English words and sentences strung together in a way that occasionally made sense but more often were simply madly stream-of-consciousness insanity. Apparently now it takes you to another site. This is the kind of spamming I don't understand. I mean, the gold-farm people want your money but this didn't have anything like that.]

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  1. >i like how it is the “horn” award. no books! just horn.

  2. >Is that the literary equivalent of John Cage’s 4’33″? Or am I missing something…

  3. >Roger, your site has been taken over by a hacker.

    I clicked on the link and got a message that “We are processing your request.” Then I was redirected to a quiz. (about life insurance?) When I back arrowed from that, I was redirected to one of those pages that have multiple links, none of which are the one you want. This one: /www.lowpriceshopper.com

    Yikes! -wendieO

  4. >Yeah, me too. It’s been hijacked. What were you linking to?

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