>Score one for the big guys

>J. K. Rowling has prevailed.

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  1. >one wonders if Rowling knows the meaning of “decimated”

  2. >9:56: Maybe you could let her know, and she could tell you about capitalization and periods.

  3. >Anonymous A (9:56 PM) is right – Rowling’s output would be improved by “decimation.” That is to say, reduced by a tenth. But Anonymous B (11:46 AM) is also right – caps and punctuation are important.

    It’s a revelation for an outsider to observe the chilit minds at work.

  4. >It’s alwayss instructive (and amusing) to read these samples of the kidlit wisdom. The first anon. (9:56 PM) is right – Rowling’s work would benefit if cut by one tenth (i.e. decimated). And the second anon. (11:46 AM) is right to stick up for conventional punctuation. Thanks to both for their wisdom!

  5. >Oh, these silly anons.

    What was that blog post about again? I have forgotten.

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