>Eat these words

> >Eat these words“Terrific Baby” cake by Jennifer Brabander for Elissa Gershowitz’s baby shower today at the office. Photo by Lolly Robinson. Elissa is married to Ken Silber and we really want them to name the baby Wilbur. As you can see.

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  1. >this is the best cake ever.

  2. >And if it is a girl?

  3. >At least it didn't say "some pig!"

  4. miscellany says:

    >Wilbur Silber? Not really!

  5. >I kid you not…my future father in-law's name is Stuart Wilbur Little. Yup, his mom was a big fan :)

  6. >Me being WEB, my cake had a web design on which Charlotte had written "Oh you kid."

    I threw a friend a Winnie-ther-Pooh shower; her cake said "time for a little something." And for another friend I did a Moomin shower (was incredibly fortunate that a friend had recently visited Finland and picked up decorations and paper goods for me) and had a momma and poppa quote from the book, which I can't now remember. It was fun going through the books, looking for the perfect quotes.

  7. >Good luck, Elissa!

  8. >Wonderful! I caved to my husband on our first daughter's name, then we had two sons. But if we'd had a second daughter, she was absolutely going to be Charlotte. (Bonus – My grandma's name was Charlotte. But E.B. White was the first inspiration.) My previous dog was Wilbur. (Current one is Scout – To Kill a Mockingbird.)

  9. >I wanted Martha (Eager) for a girl and Milo (Juster) or Oliver (Enright) for a boy, but my husband was a real stick in the mud. So instead of being named after a children's book character, he is named after a famous landmark.

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