I can’t wait for The Story of Mankind in 90 seconds.

Author Jamie James Kennedy (The Order of Odd-Fish) and the New York Public Library are hosting a 90-Second Newbery Film Festival. Kids up to 18 can choose any Newbery Medal or Newbery Honor book, adapt it into a 90-second (or shorter) video, and submit it to Mr. Kennedy by September 15 for a chance to have their film screened at the NYPL’s film festival this fall.

There’s a hilarious adaptation of Wrinkle in Time (“I’m Calvin O’Keefe. I’m popular—but sensitive.”) on the festival’s main page to show you how it’s done.

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Katie Bircher, assistant editor at The Horn Book, Inc., is a former bookseller and holds an MA in children's literature from Simmons College.


  1. James Kennedy says:

    >Thanks for spreading the word, Katie! But only my mother is allowed to call me "Jamie." JAMES! JAMES KENNEDY!!! Oh, I see what you're doing — you're deliberately yanking my chain, calling me "Jamie" when you should be calling me "James," in order to "send a message" that I'm "not good enough" for you? Listen, Bircher — can I call you "Birchie"? oh, I think I shall — I'm already married. GIVE IT UP ALREADY.

  2. >Oops — I'm sorry! Obviously I need new glasses. Luckily they'll be here next week, so I might manage to avoid such errors in the future.

    "Birchie"? That's the best you've got? :)

  3. James Kennedy says:

    >Look! She did it again! ::turns to Internet:: Is it me? It's her, right?

    Oh, I'll never win.

  4. Jalix Mergenberg says:

    The 95 second version of the Story of Mankind can be found here.


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