>Let’s hope this doesn’t catch on

>An author is suing the publisher of a book review for criminal libel. The Times article is entertainingly snarky (it doesn’t hurt that the author, reviewer, and publisher are all lawyers) but don’t miss the exchange of letters between the author and the publisher (it’s a pdf), who seem to be friends. Or at least they were.

Although there was that one time a publisher threatened to sue us if we reviewed any more of their books (we did and they didn’t, by the way, but they no longer submit their titles for review), most of the flack we get here is about the books we don’t review. (Cue Alex Forrest, with a butcher knife, holding a copy of Peter Rabbit.)

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  1. bestbookihavenotread says:

    >Your Get Over Yourself might be my favorite label ever!

  2. jane Yolen says:

    >So what happened? I feel I am left dangling over a dangerous precipice.. . .or participle.


  3. Roger Sutton says:

    >Jane, the French court is expected to release a decision in March.

  4. >See, I think Dr. Calvo-Goller was insufficiently proactive. From now on, I'll just write my own reviews and send them to you to print.

    : )

  5. Roger Sutton says:

    >Oh, would you, 9:51? That would be so helpful!

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