>Can we still say Big Kahuna?

>Sounds like Chief Illiniwek in a different headdress to me, but in any case, Richard Peck is as worthy as anyone of the title and he has spoken. Is there a teensy jab in his discussion of the virtues of Keeper or am I reading that in? Gotta watch those smooth talkers.

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  1. >I counted two jabs. Even if he has written several sequels himself. Yes, Mr. Peck, it does feel longer than 24 hours.

  2. >Oh, it's a definite jab. I loved his commentary. I love it when judges call it the way they see it. And it didn't hurt that he picked a book I liked.

  3. Lyle Blake Smythers says:

    >Ah, here's the difference between critical analysis and a review. The movie review in my local paper helps me decide whether to spend the time and the money on a particular movie. Reading Pauline Kael or Dwight Macdonald is a source of edification and delight in its own right, whether or not I ever have the opportunity to see the film being discussed.

  4. loveskidlit says:

    >Jabs are always fun! And TBK is fine when it's the title of a terrific film adaptation of Hospitality Suite, with Kevin Spacey et al. For that, it can stay.

  5. rajesh rao says:

    nice one…………………

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