R.I.P. Dorothy Broderick

SLJ has an informative obit of  library leader and VOYA co-founder Dorothy M. Broderick, who died last Saturday. I loved talking to Dorothy at ALA and enjoyed being edited by her for VOYA; her Library Work with Children (H.W. Wilson, 1977) had a profound influence on me in library school. Here’s a favorite passage:

“One of the ways in which we demonstrate disrespect for children is by having triple standards–one for them, one for adults using the library, and one for the library staff. I have attended meetings of librarians devoted to discussing the uproar young people create in libraries and then seen us create more noise leaving the meeting room than any group of children ever did. Yet we did not feel our natural exuberance and enjoyment of being with each other was an assault upon the order of the library hosting us. We were not maliciously disrupting the library or deliberately annoying its patrons–but whatever our motivation, we were doing both. Where too many of us go astray in dealing with children is that we attribute to them malicious intent. Once we come to believe that they are deliberately misbehaving, it becomes easy to go the next step and order, ‘Get out!’ Such behavior on our part serves to declare war.”

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