Preview May/June 2012 Horn Book Magazine

  • may2012HBMcov 200x300 Preview May/June 2012 <i>Horn Book Magazine</i>Roger Sutton’s “What Hath Harry Wrought?” examines children’s publishing, post-Harry Potter.
  • Uma Krishnaswami calls for more humor in multicultural children’s literature.
  • Barbara Bader on the birth of children’s librarianship in Cleveland and Pittsburgh.
  • Jane Yolen’s original poems capture the essence of classic children’s book authors.
  • Rebecca Donnelly muses on what lights up children’s literature.
  • Sight Reading: Leonard S. Marcus on color in picture books.
  • Books in the Home: Equal reading for girls and boys.
  • April Spisak answers the question: “What Makes a Good YA Dystopian Novel?”
  • Cadenza: Elissa Gershowitz and Leo Landry imagine “If Babies Ran The Horn Book.”
  • Original cover art by former Horn Book design intern/freelancer José Luis Olivares.
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