Ghost in the Machine

chromolume Ghost in the Machine

art by Diane Landry; photo by Richard Asch


Here I am wandering amidst the wonder that is Diane Landry’s Knight of Infinite Resignation (which made me a lot happier than it did the artist if the title is anything to go by), on display at Mass MoCA as part of their “Oh, Canada” exhibition. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more kid-appealing museum, although the don’t-touch dictums might be hard to enforce, and there was one thing on display which involved broken glass. The exhibition of Canadian art included lots of things a kid would love–a glowing car, photos of spooky planes (apparently those used for “extraordinary rendition”), a little tent made of felt you could walk into and watch a movie. A life-size diorama of a Tonto- and Lone Rangerish pair looks as much like C.S.I. as it does Brokeback Mountain. But do go, with or without the kids. The Diane Landry installation twinkles and shimmers and buzzes enough to satisfy even Blair Daniels.

One north-of-the-border bonus we had at the exhibition was running into one of our favorite Canadians, Groundwood publisher Patsy Aldana, down to Represent. Oh, I’m sure she wouldn’t put it that way, either.

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