A message from Joey Pigza, Democratic presidential candidate

joeypigza candidate 336x423 A message from Joey Pigza, Democratic presidential candidate

I’m not going to lie: being “wired” runs in my family. I always need to be active, so quick access to doctors and the right meds and Band-Aids is really important to keep me calm. My mom taught me to think about good things when I’m starting to get out of control, and there is one good thing I want to tell you about today. It’s a plan called universal healthcare, or “UH,” as I like to call it. Sure, there’d be a lot of rules to follow, but I like rules and I’m really good at math, and this plan would mean everyone gets to go to the doctor and take meds when they need them and not have to worry about how much everything costs. This plan is the key to a healthier us — no more pencil sharpening “accidents”! — and isn’t that what’s most important? So: “Vote for Joey Pigza, the ‘UH’ Candidate!”

— Joey Pigza,
Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

This post is part of our ongoing Horn Book KidLit Election 2012 coverage. This week, Democratic candidates present their platforms; polls will open for the Democratic ballot Thursday, September 6th, and close at noon on Friday, September 7th. Look for our announcement of the winning Democratic presidential candidate and his or her running mate Friday afternoon. Last week, the Republican candidates had their say; see the results of their primary here. Click on the tag KidLit Election 2012 to see all posts.

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