Breaking news: Democratic candidate Cavatica “bloodthirsty”?

charlotte candidate 336x423 Breaking news: Democratic candidate Cavatica bloodthirsty?

Democratic presidential candidate Charlotte A. Cavatica addresses allegations from animal rights groups:

“Recently animal rights advocates have expressed concerns about my diet and my so-called ‘bloodthirstiness’. Those concerned for the well-being of our animal friends need only look to my tireless efforts to save young pig Wilbur (well-documented by biographer E.B. White) for proof that I am myself an animal rights activist. That said, each of us has a place in the web of life, and each of us—carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, and insectivore alike—relies on other life for sustenance. We all carry the responsibility to eat, and to live, as compassionately as our own natures will allow. It’s not what you must do to survive that makes you bloodthirsty, it’s how you do it.”

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  1. I’ve tried to stay impartial, but this is really very elegantly put, and–if it’s not speciesist to say–quite humanistic. Compassion is an important quality in a leader.

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