My Epic Fairy Tale Fail

my very unfairy tale life My Epic Fairy Tale FailOnce upon a time — last Friday, March 1st, to be exact — my friend and former writing professor Anna Staniszewski released My Epic Fairy Tale Fail (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, March 2013), sequel to her debut novel My Very UnFairy Tale Life. Returning with her deliciously droll wit and a brand new mission for her now-thirteen-year-old heroine, Anna delivers another breezy magical romp.

Jenny, an adventurer who travels between the real world and other magical kingdoms completing a slew of dangerous, diplomatic missions on behalf of The Committee, finds herself in the Land of Tales (the place of origin for all fairy tales), which is slowly being drained of magic by a witch named Ilda. In order to lift Ilda’s curse, Jenny must complete three impossible tasks. Not only does the magical future of the realm depend on Jenny’s success, but she soon realizes that the fate of her missing parents may be at stake as well.

 My Epic Fairy Tale FailWith the help of her real-world sidekicks Trish and Melissa, Jenny manages to complete two of the three tasks. But her first real failure leaves her disillusioned with her magical destiny, banished from the Land of Tales, and hopeless about ever finding her parents.

Jenny’s tween foibles and humorous nonchalance regarding the fantastical elements of her life make her equal parts relatable and likeable. The joking tone and thoughtful fairy tale play make this a fresh middle-grade read.

Book three pubs this November.

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