Guess who?: Author’s best friend

Today’s “guess who?” author and illustrator pictures also feature their furry friends. Can you guess the human subjects of these photos?

author16 207x300 Guess who?: Authors best friend


author19 169x300 Guess who?: Authors best friend


This gentleman’s canine companion doesn’t appear in the photo below, but you can see him (in all his glory) with his dog here.

author2 212x300 Guess who?: Authors best friend


This post is part of our “Guess who”? author and illustrator photo series. Click on the tag Guess who? to see all entries!

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  1. Holly Meade, D.B. Johnson, Barry Moser

  2. KT Horning says:

    A — Cynthia Rylant

  3. C – Daniel Pinkwater? (And oh my!)

  4. Elissa Gershowitz Elissa Gershowitz says:

    Good guess! But no. And, incidentally, Mr. Spock took that photo.

  5. Ha! Well, I found it after a bit of searching. That might have been my favorite Google image search ever. :)

  6. C. Well, I’m not going to be able to un-see that image.

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