Guess who?: Great ladies

Can you guess these lovely author and illustrator ladies? Here’s a hint: “Lady C” was a Horn Book Magazine cover model in 2010.

author15 222x300 Guess who?: Great ladies


author18 201x300 Guess who?: Great ladies


author4 214x300 Guess who?: Great ladies


author3 235x300 Guess who?: Great ladies


This post is part of our “Guess who”? author and illustrator photo series. Click on the tag Guess who? to see all entries!

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  1. Roger Sutton Roger Sutton says:

    I keep thinking D is Beverly Sills but I’m told otherwise.

  2. What? I’m finally catching up on all these posts and this is the last I got to, and all the OTHER posts were all figured out, but not this one? Does this force me to guess the only one I think I might be right about, c= Katherine Paterson?

    Because I really just wanted to see if anyone knew A, because I have a feeling I know her but I CAN’T GET IT.

    D reminds me of Diana Wynne Jones, but I don’t think it actually is. Just a weird bias in my head.

  3. Sam Bloom says:

    B=Marilyn Singer?

  4. Sam Bloom says:

    Oops, not Marilyn Singer… Marilyn *Nelson*

  5. Katie Bircher Katie Bircher says:

    Katherine Paterson and Marilyn Nelson are correct (congrats!). Keep guessing on the other two, though!

  6. Katie Bircher Katie Bircher says:

    A hint for Lady A: Not only has she been honored for fiction by the BGHB committee, she’s also received a Prairie Music Award for best jazz album!

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