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It was the little black velvet drawstring purse that caught my eye. The strip of antique-y eyelet cloth on which it sat was a quaint touch, to be sure, but the purse was what beckoned me. The purse, its mysterious contents, and cloth were secured with a black grosgrain ribbon around Holly Black’s newest book, Doll Bones (Simon/McElderry, May 2013), and the whole curious package was giving me a come-hither look from Katie’s inbox. I had to know what secrets the purse was keeping.

And then there was this…Katie warned me: “Don’t look in there. It’s creepy.” Just the invitation I needed.

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here’s lookin’ at you

Promotional doll-eyeball lapel pins? Creep-tastic! I wore one for an hour or so, and no one noticed. Not a single person. So I ramped it up a notch and added the second one, then purposefully stood in front of my coworkers and made small talk. I thought the eyeballs would be good conversation starters, but after the initial laugh and question about where I got my accessories…awkward silence. Or they wanted to get back to work. Whatever. I know cool when I see it. And it looks right back at me…lifelessly.

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