Guest column: Ask Rapunzel

rapunzel Guest column: Ask RapunzelThis week Out of the Box welcomes smart and sassy guest columnist Rapunzel. Feel like you’ve been sleeping on a bowling ball? Mother-in-law a real witch? Broke as beans (magic or otherwise)? Ask Rapunzel! She can untangle any fairy-tale dilemma.


My stepchildren are driving me crazy! All day long it’s, “We’ve cleaned out the chimney as you asked, could we please have some bread?” and “What else can we do for you, oh, dear Stepmother?” Listen, I have tried, but their constant smirky sarcasm is making me nuts! Their father is no help at all (natch!). I’m not a bad person, but can’t I just ditch these losers in the woods someplace and be done with it?

—I-Didn’t-Sign-Up-for-This Stepmom

Dear Stepmom: Do I ever hear that complaint from all corners of the kingdom! I suggest you run out and get a copy of my latest book: Oh, You Kids!: A Stepmother’s Guide to a Serene, Uncomplicated Happily Ever After!

Rapunzel will be answering questions from beleaguered fairy tale characters all week; click on the tag Ask Rapunzel to read all of her advice columns. Remember: conflicts with jealous stepsisters or seventh sons can get ugly. If you need legal mediation, Rapunzel recommends Judge Judy, the fairest judge in storybook land.

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