Melissa Sweet, part deux

 Melissa Sweet, part deux

Take a minute away from the Thanksgiving prep to think about the last of Melissa Sweet’s 2013 trilogy. I will keep it short so you’ll have time to brine your turkey.

  1. Puns and plays on words are the order of the day in this humorous take on how to write a story. Sweet interprets Joan Holub’s giggle-inducing words quite literally, making a very funny visual story, too.
  2. For just one example, when Little Red gets overwhelmed by descriptive words, Sweet fills the spread from edge to edge with color and details, showing the reader exactly how overwhelming it is when a story has too much description.
  3. I love her use of the color red. Contrasted with the scary “Wolf 3000″ pencil sharpener, I love it even more.
  4. There is a  sheer sense of fun on every page of this book, from endpaper to endpaper.
Can you see how hard it will be for the committee this year?
Which Melissa Sweet book would YOU choose?


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