Do you wear what you read?

katniss braid tutorial Do you wear what you read?

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Since seeing Catching Fire (twice), I’ve taken to wearing my hair in a “Katniss braid”… and judging from the vast number of Katniss hair and makeup tutorials on the web, I’m not the only one who’s copped her style. Heck, even President Snow’s granddaughter and her classmates are rocking Katniss’s recognizable hairdo.

Stealing style from fictional characters is not a new phenomenon; my mom and her generation fell in love with Juliet’s midi rings from Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet. (Psst… They’re back.) And it’s certainly not limited to the movie adaptations, either; Polyvore is full of outfits inspired by users’ favorite books.

madeline outfit Do you wear what you read?

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Does your taste run to classic accessories: glamorous fascinators a la Daisy Buchanan or tweed jackets like Sherlock Holmes? Maybe you prefer a pulled-together and practical look, like Sabriel’s long coat and boots. Or maybe you go for whimsical details such as Madeline’s beribboned straw hat or Luna Lovegood’s tiny turnip earrings. How do your favorite books — or the movies based on them — influence your style?

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