The Horn Book Television Line-Up

hbtv The Horn Book Television Line UpAll-of-a-Kind Family Feud

Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, Gertie, and Baby Charlie: “Bring it on, Ingalls clan!”

Big Brother

Housemates Darry Curtis, Klaus Baudelaire, the Weasley twins, and Christopher Dollanganger dish about their precocious younger sibs.

Mad Men

Dressed-to-the-nines ad execs Brother Leon, President Snow, Voldemort, and Gollum backstab, scheme, and imbibe to deaden self-loathing. Meanwhile, The Warden scratches her nails against the glass ceiling.

Modern Family

It takes a village: Max’s mother, Heather’s mommies, the Krupniks, the Watsons, and a couple of gay penguins exchange snappy dialogue, parenting woes — and lots of laughs.


Katniss and her arrows, Karana and her dolphins, Julie and her wolves, and Brian and his hatchet compete for cash prizes and creature comforts. (Brian: “Which one of you swiped my lip balm?”)

The Tudors

Keeping up with Tasha’s fam, uncensored.

The View…from Saturday

Wake up with Noah (the know-it-all), Nadia (the peacekeeper), Ethan (the sensitive one), and Julian (the polite one) as they discuss current events, interview celebs, oversee makeovers, and trade banter (and sometimes barbs — meow!).

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