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With moving day just around the corner, we’ve been spending our days cleaning out old drawers, packing boxes, ordering new stationery, etc., etc. And as we update our contact info for publishers, reviewers, and contributors, it just seems like an appropriate time to reiterate some of our submission guidelines for review copies. First and foremost, we need two copies of a book to review it — one for the reviewer and one to keep in-house.

While ten copies did get our attention, eight of those will most likely be donated elsewhere.

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Save yourselves some pennies (and galleys), publishers. Just a tip from your friendly neighborhood children’s book review journal.

You can find the rest of our guidelines here.

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Shara Hardeson is a former editorial assistant at The Horn Book Guide.


  1. I’m curious—and this is a serious question—did you get Rush Limbaugh’s RUSH REVERE AND THE BRAVE PILGRIMS? And did you review it?

  2. Roger Sutton Roger Sutton says:

    Hi Debbie–I checked our database and we did not receive Rush’s latest (or previous, it looks like). RUSH REVERE is published by an imprint of Simon and Schuster (whose books we review regularly) but that imprint, Threshold Books, is part of the adult wing and I’m guessing we are not on their radar.

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