Kid lit trivia: what’s in a name?

On Monday evening, Children’s Books Boston is hosting the Wicked Boston Children’s Books Trivia Challenge. The Horn Book team is looking for a team name. Can you help us?

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But for right now… please help us with a name! Surely we can do better than the Born Hookers…

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  1. How about The Twelve O’Clock Scholars? That sounds more fun than the Primers!

  2. Katie Bircher Katie Bircher says:

    Roger and the Readers?

  3. Megan Lambert says:

    The Effin’ Gees

    In honor of all the the F&Gs you receive and review…or are e-copies making this term obsolete?

  4. Elissa Gershowitz Elissa Gershowitz says:

    Here are some other suggestions that have us ROTF:
    From Shara Hardeson:
    Goldilocks and the free beers
    Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita
    Oxford Comma-kaze
    Tequila Mockingbirds
    Goodnight, Moonshine
    Wild Rumpus

    From Kitty Flynn:
    Bertha’s Bombers
    Bertha’s Babes
    Bertha’s B

    From Twitter:
    @lyraelle: Ten Points to Gryffindor
    @citygirlwriting: The Fault in our Answers
    @slaterka: Miss Trunchbull’s Legal Defense Team. My Other Car is a Kansas Tornado. The Co-Dependent Tree.

  5. Elissa Gershowitz Elissa Gershowitz says:

    More from Shara. DO quit your day job. (But please don’t really.)
    Aesop’s Foibles (but I stole this one from The Office)
    The Grimm Reapers

  6. Elissa Gershowitz Elissa Gershowitz says:

    SLH: “Mother (Grey) Goose” “Ghashlycrumb Mar-tinies”

  7. Amanda Gazin says:

    The Wining Rhinos (yes, that’s the spelling)
    One Corn
    Deer Genius
    (you see where I’m going with this, yes?)

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