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rowell landline Reading Rainbow (Rowell)Who knew Rainbow Rowell had a new book (for adults)? Not me! Until I snapped it up at the Cambridge Public Library yesterday. A TV-writer mom bags out on her husband and kids during Christmas vacation in order to stay home and prepare for a big pitch at work. Her marriage has been cooling for a while, and this might just be the nail in the coffin. (I haven’t gotten to the time-travel part, but the flap copy tells me it’s coming.) Like the narrative voice(s) in Rowell’s Attachments, this one is smart, witty, and slightly bemused. Watch out, Jennifer Weiner; Rainbow’s coming for you!

And speaking of curly girls… who else is annoyed by this new Progressive Insurance ad, starring the otherwise inoffensive, even endearing, Flo? What the hell, Flo? My people don’t talk smack about your Carol Brady throwback hair.

flo Reading Rainbow (Rowell)


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  1. Angela Reynolds says:

    I read it this weekend! I just love a Rainbow Rowell novel. She does a great quirky love story. Who couldn’t love a book starring a Magic Phone? Smart and witty indeed.

  2. Elissa Gershowitz Elissa Gershowitz says:

    From Buzzfeed: Rainbow’s Landline playlist (and more)

  3. Elissa Gershowitz Elissa Gershowitz says:

    Who else got to the end of the book and wanted to…
    (mild spoiler alert)

    –before all the kissing–see her slap Neal, Moonstruck-style, for being a petulant, passive-aggressive baby?! Pick up yer damn phone.

    • Angela Reynolds says:

      He *was* a bit of a baby. But I think she knew that going in. They seemed to me to be right for each other in a dysfuntional personality kind of way, both clueless in their own separate areas.

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