Elizabeth Maine

About Elizabeth Maine

Elizabeth Maine has taught K-12 reading, writing, and special education in a variety of settings. She received an Ed.M in language & literacy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2012, and is currently a 6th-8th grade reading specialist in Randolph, MA.

Making connections for middle schoolers

Thank You, M'am

This is my first year at a standalone middle school (having previously worked in a high school and K-8), and it’s definitely been a learning experience! In addition to their struggles with reading, my 6th-8th graders bring a host of emotional & developmental issues to the table, all of which I’ve realized I need to […]

Marrying accountability and independent reading

The book nook in Elizabeth's classroom

My middle school remedial reading students come to me with a wide variety of reading profiles, interests and needs. Yet one thing almost all of my students have in common is that they begin the year as students who have spent very little time reading. In order to combat this problem, our classroom book nook […]