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2016 Boston Globe–Horn Book ceremony timeline

Photo: Elissa Gershowitz

Did you miss the Boston Globe–Horn Book Awards on Friday, September 30th? Just want to relive the excitement of the ceremony? We’ve compiled a timeline of the evening’s highlights based on tweets by our staff and other attendees. See the timeline for Saturday’s Horn Book at Simmons Colloquium here. For even more, click on the […]

BGHB/HBAS 2016 love

Photo: Josh Reynolds

We had a fantastic time at Friday’s emotional Boston Globe–Horn Book Awards ceremony (we laughed, we cried, we admired Yuyi Morales‘s killer style and kidney-donating selflessness) and Saturday’s thought-provoking Horn Book at Simmons Colloquium: “Out of the Box” (we laughed, we drank champagne, we made box puns). All this week we’ll be posting pictures, timelines, […]

Preview November/December 2016 Horn Book Magazine

November/December 2016 Horn Book Magazine

Cover art by Elisa Vavouri from A Hanukkah with Mazel by Joel Edward Stein. Foreign Correspondence: Summer Edward interviews Deborah Ahenkorah, cofounder and executive director of Golden Baobab. “Decolonizing Nostalgia”: Sarah Hannah Gómez looks at how historical fiction can betray readers of color. “Saving Sisters”: author Jeannine Atkins examines themes of sisterhood in Little Women, […]

2016 BGHB Week Roundup

bghb 2016 congrats

This week we’ve been celebrating our 2016 Boston Globe–Horn Book Award recipients in preparation for the upcoming awards ceremony and Horn Book at Simmons Colloquium. Here’s a cheat sheet to all of our web extras on this year’s winners and honorees, as well as BGHB trivia and other fun! 2016 BGHB Award press release and […]

More on the 2016 Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards

Roger Sutton, Candace Fleming, and a paparazzo, Kitty Flynn. Photo: Aram Boghosian.

Five questions for 2016 BGHB Committee Chair Joanna Rudge Long Horn Book Podcast: BGHB Awards Video announcement of the winners, with Roger Sutton and Linda Pizzuti Henry (it’s amazing — it makes us tear up) And just for fun… BGHB trivia My Favorite BGHB Winner: HB reviewers’ best-loved BGHB-winning books BGHB crossword puzzle by 2011 […]

2016 BGHB Fiction Day


It’s BGHB Week! Today we’re honoring our 2016 Boston Globe-Horn Book Fiction Award winners. Read reviews of all of the 2016 fiction winners here; see below for more web extras to celebrate them. Join us on September 30-October 1, 2016, for the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards ceremony and the Horn Book at Simmons Colloquium: Out […]

Books mentioned in the September 2016 issue of Nonfiction Notes from the Horn Book

National Parks Service at 100 Brown, Craig  Mule Train Mail Gr. K–3     40 pp.     Charlesbridge     2009 Trade ISBN 978-1-58089-187-5 Paperback ISBN 978-1-58089-188-2 Carson, Mary Kay  Park Scientists: Gila Monsters, Geysers, and Grizzly Bears in America’s Own Backyard [Scientists in the Field series] Photographs by Tom Uhlman Gr. 4–6, middle school     75 pp.     Houghton     2014 Trade […]

Sports science and technology


Anniss, Matt  The Impact of Technology in Sports Middle school, high school     56 pp.      Heinemann Impact of Technology series. This survey takes a positive look at how technology has changed sports. A new understanding of biomechanics and diagnostics has helped athletes, including those with disabilities, improve performance. The accessible text covers advances in training, nutrition, […]

Folklore and mythology collections


Leupin, Herbert  Tales from the Brothers Grimm Gr. K–3     156 pp.     NorthSouth Nine tales, including “Snow White” and the less-familiar “Mother Holly,” are straightforwardly retold and accompanied by Swiss ad man/poster artist Leupin’s mid-century illustrations in a large-format storybook. The richly colored artwork has an early-era Disney sensibility. A lengthy biographical note about Leupin is […]

Internet safety and security


Gitlin, Martin and Goldstein, Margaret J.  Cyber Attack Middle school, high school     72 pp.     Twenty-First Century A tour of internet tinkering begins with innocently inventive cyber explorers and leads progressively into an overview of the latest destructive cybercrimes. The schemes of hackers and other troublemakers are described in detail. Topics such as the “darknet” (internet […]