The Sick Kitten app review

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Polish publisher Festina Lente and digital developer Kartalia have collaborated on a lively animated picture book app of 1824 short story “Chory Kotek” — The Sick Kitten (May 2013) — by Stanisław Jachowicz. Jachowicz, who wrote original fairy tales, published a children’s newsletter, and wrote a children’s songbook, is considered the father of children’s literature […]

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving app review

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Loud Crow Interactive adds to its line-up of Peanuts holiday apps with the 40th-anniversary release of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (November 2013), based on the classic 1973 animated TV special. Charlie Brown and his sister Sally plan to spend Thanksgiving at their grandmother’s house — but then Peppermint Patty invites herself, Marcie, and Franklin over […]

Bluebeard app review

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BumpBump Books’s app Bluebeard, a French Folk Tale (January 2013) retells the fairy tale in clear, concise text. A young woman, despite some misgivings, marries a wealthy man with a blue beard. Bluebeard gives his new bride all the keys to his home, but tells her she must not enter a particular room. When Bluebeard […]

Spatter & Spark app review

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Spatter & Spark (Polk Street Press, February 2013), a picture book app written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Luciana Navarro Powell, celebrates friendship and creativity. Artist Spatter (a porcupine) wants to paint a portrait of baby crow Hubert but runs into a small problem: since the fledgling is too young to leave the nest, […]

Meet Millie app review

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Children’s storybook apps have all begun to look alike, but MegaPops‘s interactive reading experience Meet Millie (2011) stands alone as the pick of the litter. This first book in the Millie Was Here series chronicles the adventures of a seemingly mild-mannered lap dog — who also just happens to be a hero. The intentionally cliché […]

Review of Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

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Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (May 2013), an animated picture book app from developer Twin Sisters, offers an extra musical twist on this classic nursery rhyme. The app features a standard read-to-me option with an adult male narrator, as well as a sing-to-me option with an adult female singer and children’s chorus. One […]

Flip Flap Farm app review

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Flip Flap Farm (September 2013), Nosy Crow’s latest app and companion to the split-page board book of the same name, takes the barnyard animal fun of its predecessor, Animal SnApp: Farm, and presents it in the style of a body flip book. Eleven top halves of various animals pair with eleven bottom halves, allowing for […]

Flora’s Forest app review

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Flora and friends spend an afternoon flying a kite on the lawn in the storybook app Flora’s Forest (NoodleBright and HabitatSeven, 2012). Then a huge gust of wind snaps the string, and Flora chases her kite into the dark forest where eerie sounds and creepy shadows set an unsettling scene. When Flora stumbles upon a […]

I Love Mountains app review

i love mountains

Cute kid Sloan Graham, the bear-suit-clad main character of Forest Giant’s nonfiction app I Love Mountains (2012), has a passionate interest in the titular landforms. She shares fun geological facts about mountains through nineteen interactive pages, beginning by describing the three different types of mountains and the plate tectonics that form them over time. She […]

Goodnight Safari app review

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In Goodnight Safari (2012), a cozy bedtime storybook app from Polk Street Press, users propel the narrative forward by helping wildlife from the African savanna prepare for lights out. Once basic touchscreen activities, such as reuniting a baby zebra with its mother or dunking a baby rhino in a pool of cool water for a […]