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Live Five at ALA Schedule

July/August 2012 Horn Book Magazine

At ALA this weekend, Horn Book editor in chief Roger Sutton will put the 2012 winners and honorees on the spot with a live version of our “Five Questions” feature at the Library Journals booth (#2234). The star-studded line-up: Saturday, June 23 10:00 AM Thanhha Lai, Newbery honoree for Inside Out and Back Again 11:00 […]

July/August 2012 Horn Book Magazine: Special Issue: Awards

July/August 2012 Horn Book Magazine

Here’s a sneak peek at the new, beautiful July/August 2012 special awards issue of The Horn Book Magazine! If you’re going to ALA, you can pick up your free copy at The Horn Book/School Library Journal/Library Journal Booth #2234. Supplies are limited, so stop by anytime for a ticket; the Magazines will be available for […]

Five Questions about Five Questions

Live Five - Questions with Roger Sutton

1. What are the Live Five Questions? Live Five Questions sprang from the “Five Questions for . . . .” feature in Notes from the Horn Book, our monthly e-newsletter. A few ALA’s ago, we took this feature live, conducting brief, five-question interviews with authors and illustrators at the Horn Book booth on the exhibit […]

Cleveland and Pittsburgh Create a Profession

William Howard Brett

The sight of a ‘children’s room’ in a public library just after school hours is enchanting…they pour into its doors, the crowd of children, well-dressed, poorly clad, boys, girls, big, small, all with an assured air of welcome, comfortably, easily, happily at home among bookshelves as they are in no other spot. Thirty years ago […]

From the Editor – February 2012


I was pleased to see that the 2012 Newbery committee displayed such excellent taste in its choice of a winner (Jack Gantos’s Dead End in Norvelt), and that for one of only two Honor Books it chose a book (Eugene Yelchin’s Breaking Stalin’s Nose) I thought no one but us had even read much less […]

To aid in your Tuesday-morning quarterbacking


. . . Kitty has posted the Horn Book reviews of all the ALA award and honor books. (And I am very proud of my metaphor however trite as it was only on Sunday that our advertising manager Al Berman was explaining to me that I really needed to get more excited about the Patriots, […]

Read more about ’em (the ALA winners, that is)

Balloons Over Broadway

Congratulations to all the winners! Here’s some extra credit reading from our archives. Caldecott honor Five questions for Patrick McDonnell (from May 2011 Notes from the Horn Book) Me…Jane discussion on Calling Caldecott       CSK Author Award winner and CSK Illustrator honor Roger Talks with Kadir Nelson (from a November 2011 interview)   […]

Reviews of the 2012 Belpre Illustrator Award winners


Winner: Duncan Tonatiuh for Diego Rivera: His World and Ours (Abrams) Review in The Horn Book Guide, fall 2011 The first half of the book provides background on Rivera’s life and the inspiration behind his work. Readers are then asked to imagine how he might paint subjects from life today: “Maybe Diego would paint shops […]

Reviews of the 2012 Batchelder winners


Winner: Eerdmans for Soldier Bear by Bibi Dumon Tak; trans. from the Dutch by Laura Watkinson; illus. by Philip Hopman Review in The Horn Book Magazine, November/December 2011 It really happened: hundreds of Polish soldiers, fleeing the Russians after the German attack on their already divided country in 1941, escaped to Iran. There they joined […]

Reviews of the 2012 Belpre Author Award winners


Winner: Guadalupe Garcia McCall for Under the Mesquite (Lee & Low Books) Review in The Horn Book Guide, spring 2012 Eldest Lupita leads her seven younger siblings through the uncertainty of their mother’s cancer. Lupita endeavors to keep her Mexican American family together while attempting to reach her own goals for college and a career. […]