Mother Goose waddled to the window. Ah, there was the moon, perfect and round, its light streaming into bedrooms everywhere. She sighed.Mother Goose was upset. How could parents say that…word, that awful word, to their children? How could they use it in front of innocent little darlings almost fast asleep? Their drowsy eyes. Well-washed hands […]

Sono tornato

The street where we lived

But am still discombobulated after Milan-Venice-Madrid-Amsterdam-Brussels in less than two weeks. I am not a savvy traveler like my friend Elizabeth, who goes to Europe for ten days with one carry-on. I am also not good about Asking–luckily, Richard is (although i think he is still harboring murderous intentions toward the Flemish, whose eagerness to […]

Project Child’s Play


Fashion and children’s literature icon Heidi struts onto the runway, leading one of her goats on a chic, to-die-for leash. HEIDI: Hello, everyvon and velcome to da runvay! I am your host, Heidi. This is Ziegfried. Your challenge vas to design a fresh new look for some of children’s literature’s biggest icons. Von of you […]

>The cake she baked

> Simmons gal Susan Bloom made this delicious wedding cake for us, chocolate with praline frosting. YUM. While it is true that I am taller than Richard, I am represented by the little faux-Hummel guy in the bow tie (whose head fell off when we washed him; sorry Kitty) while the tall man is an […]


> I married him.

>Family Values

> After twenty-odd years of living in sin, Richard and I are getting married this weekend (the pic above is from the lovely surprise shower thrown for me today by the Horn Book ladies) and tomorrow is the start of the preparatory madness. Music: check; lights: check; suits: check; vows, food, rings, cake, cleaning: not […]

>Southern Misschief

>Back from Hattiesburg, off to Austin, where I’ll be seeing many of the same people it seems. Those Hattiesburgers really know how to keep a speaker happy, I must say. Eric Tribunella, prof. in the English department, picked me up, drove me around, held my hand and gave me permission to have seconds of the […]

>Where we make your dreams come true

>It was thanks to the Horn Book that Lisa Yee got to meet her childhood favorite writer. And how does she thank me? Lisa tells me that in honor of my legendary enthusiasm for the American Girl company, she named a character “Rachel Sutton” in her American Girls book Aloha, Kanani, set in contemporary Hawai’i. […]

>Grandchildren are important

>if only for the way that, posed correctly, they can take thirty pounds off a guy. photo by Richard Asch

>First stops on the world tour

>A Family of Readers is coming out this month and already there has been some nice talk about it. BCCB found it “informative and entertaining,” PW called it “indispensable” in a boxed review, and blogger Natasha Maw has been underlining her favorite quotes via Twitter and the hashtag #familyofreaders. You should see in the right […]