Caught in Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web

I teach ESL to adults and have often used children’s books as educational tools with these students who are trying to master English. I’ve read picture books to lower level classes, but the year I taught Advanced Conversation, I knew I needed something different. Having taught lower level classes, I can say that in comparison […]

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web

For our very last class, the students are busy finishing up their final projects so I like to lighten the reading load a bit. Charlotte’s Web has been my last class staple for several years, and I call it our dessert book. Of course, most of the students have already read it, but most years […]

>That’s what SHE said

>Fuse #8 has revealed the final result of her prodigious survey of what we (meaning those of us who read Fuse and voted in her poll) think are the top 100 novels for middle-grade readers. Not a big surprise there at #1, but since the Horn Book is infamous for its allegedly dislike of E.B. […]