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Lucky Day: An I Hunt Killers Prequel e-book review

lyga_lucky day

I’ve been reviewing Barry Lyga’s I Hunt Killers trilogy (I Hunt Killers, Game) for the Magazine and am about to start reading the just-released final volume, Blood of My Blood. So I was very excited to get my hands on Lucky Day: An I Hunt Killers Prequel by Barry Lyga (Little, Brown, April 2014), one […]

Does one size fit all?

illus. by André da Loba from the New York Times

Leonard Marcus gave a swell talk about Robert McCloskey last night, but what’s really sticking with me is a response he gave to a question at the end about ebooks. Size matters, he essentially said, when it comes to picture books and other books for young children. Of course, we all know this, but I […]

Also Sprach Zarathustra, Angrily


When I first started reading on my Kindle with some regularity, I would assiduously report typos and formatting issues via the “report content error” option you can get via highlighting a word (other options include looking up the word in a dictionary, which is handy indeed). When you tattletale on a misspelled word, you get […]

When parents are pigs


SLJ’s Kathy Ishizuka links to a recent study suggesting that parents prefer to share print books rather than ebooks with their young children. Who could disapprove, really, but I wish the researchers had looked a little harder at their finding that 30% of parents don’t read ebooks with their children because then the brats will […]

Wait, what book did you read?


The other night, Pam and Richard and I were talking about Anna Karenina, which they had read and I am reading. Richard was making what seemed to me a very cogent point about the novel, that Anna seems less the focus than are the men surrounding her. Pam was partially agreeing, partially not; then as […]

Editorial: We Belong Together

Roger Sutton caricature by Ed Bryant

Like you (I’m guessing), I felt my soul give a little lurch at the news that Encyclopaedia Britannica was getting out of the book business to go online, all the time. Part of my reaction was nostalgia—when I was a child we owned the first four or five volumes of some encyclopedia that my parents […]

Apps to explore

Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral

We’ve just put up a brief list of recommended apps for kids and YA. What apps and ebooks are you sharing with your children, students, or young library patrons?

Recommended apps

The apps recommended below were developed within the last two years. Grade levels are only suggestions; the individual child is the real criterion. PRESCHOOL A Present for Milo by Mike Austin (Ruckus Mobile Media) Kitten Milo chases a mouse until they reach—surprise!—a birthday party. Clever interactive elements and crisp sound effects accentuate the cleanly drawn […]

Book futures


While our special March issue is all about the different forms books are taking these days, i wanted to remind you of this great piece illustrator Jean Gralley wrote for us six years ago (pre-iPad!) about the possibilities in/for digital picture books. Have a look. The first coverage I can remember us giving to e-publishing […]

The ADD Child’s Guide to North American Wildl–hey let’s go ride our bikes!


The New York Times  and I think alike about the temptations that beset iPad reading. And having acquired an iPhone this weekend, I don’t see my concentration getting any better.