Old friends

Photo by Richard Asch

Had a wonderful day with great friend (and former boss) Betsy Hearne at the Eric Carle on Saturday. Together we led a little lunchtime discussion–I started it by asking Betsy what she found to be most different about children’s books from when she became a librarian in the late sixties and now. She had a […]

Another Belle of Amherst

Shaddup, that's Betsy on the right.

This coming Saturday, I’ll be introducing my old friend Betsy Hearne at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, where she will be delivering the Barbara Elleman Research Library Lecture. 25 bucks for lunch with Betsy and me at noon; the BERL lecture (hey Barbara–how’s it feel to be an acronym?) is  at 2:00 […]

Review of The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

The Artist Who Painted 
a Blue Horse by Eric Carle; illus. by the author Preschool    Philomel    32 pp. 10/11    978-0-399-25713-1    $17.99 In its simplest interpretation, Carle’s book is about an artist — perhaps a child, perhaps an adult — who paints animals the “wrong” color. There is the titular blue horse, a red alligator, green […]

A trip to the country


Lookit this neat sculpture by Mo Willems currently gracing the grounds of the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA. Martha, Richard and I had a fine visit there on Sunday. MVP and I were ostensibly shilling A Family of Readers but we mostly took the opportunity to plug some of our […]

Patricia Lee Gauch at the Carle Museum


Speaking on “The Picture Book as an Act of Mischief,” editor and writer Patricia L. Gauch will deliver the first annual Barbara Elleman Research Library Lecture at the Eric Carle Museum on October 22, 2011. To whet your appetites, read Patti’s essay, “What Makes a Good Newbery Novel,” from the July/August 2011 Magazine. It’s adapted from a speech she delivered at the […]

>Field Trip!

>If you’re here for ALA next week and are looking for something to do on the 17th while awaiting the News on Monday morning, I highly recommend this field trip to the Carle Museum in Amherst.

>Don’t miss Lolly!

>A reminder–Lolly’s thing is tomorrow at 1:00PM at the Eric Carle Museum, a beautiful space in the beautiful town of Amherst, MA. I hope to see some of you there.


>I hope some of you can join me at the Eric Carle Museum to hear the Horn Book’s own Lolly Robinson talk about what happens to picture book pictures when you hang them on a wall someplace and maybe somebody buys them and then maybe somebody buys them again or maybe nobody buys them and […]

>Come See Lolly!

>Horn Book designer and production manager Lolly Robinson will be at the Eric Carle Museum on November 16th at 1:00P.M., moderating a conversation about picture books with Kinuko Craft, Jerry Pinkney, Rosemary Wells, and Paul O. Zelinsky. Free with admission to the Museum, the program stems from an exhibition Lolly has curated from the collection […]

>Art on the wall

>This is Lolly Robinson, Horn Book designer, posting at Roger’s invitation. (Thanks, Rog.) First a confession: My attention has been divided lately and I might have left my heart in Santa Barbara. Not romantically like Judy G., but I’ve been moonlighting on an exhibition that turned into one of those magical collaborative work experiences in […]