The Beaten Path: Ordinary Joes

By Nell Beram Last year, I wrote that there was a dearth of middle-grade series novels in which mortal girls took on supernatural villains (there were plenty in which boys battled the same). This year’s endangered species seems to be boy-centered middle-grade series that don’t rely on encounters with the supernatural (or on special effects . . . […]

Kevin Henkes — Twenty-five Years

henkes_kitten's first full  moon

by Susan Hirschman I am lucky. Over the past twenty-five years, I have known Kevin Henkes as a very young author, a new husband, a brand-new father, a newly successful author-artist, an experienced father, an extremely successful author and supremely successful author-artist, a non-temperamental star on business trips, a joyous companion on holidays, and, always, […]

Purposeful Poetry

Space Songs

“I need a poem to go with a unit on diseases.” “I need a poem about respecting other people’s property.” “I need a poem for a lesson I’m doing on invertebrates.” “Where are your poetry books about personal hygiene?” Upon hearing such requests posed by education students and teachers, a librarian’s first thought might be, […]