What Makes a Good Graduation Gift?

brave irene

Since you know you can count on somebody else to purchase Oh, the Places You’ll Go! and Chicken Soup for the Soul for the new graduate, the Horn Book staff and reviewers thought we might offer some alternative suggestions, based on personal experience — both what we’ve given and what we’ve received — and on […]

Generosity: What I Learned from Doreen Rappaport

Doreen Rappaport has given me my entire arsenal of Yiddish terms and helped clarify whether mensch was a compliment or an insult. Doreen has taught me, in a number of knee-quaking moments, that people can disagree vehemently — even profanely — yet still maintain a deep mutual affection for each other. She’s taught me that, […]

“Harbours That Please Me Like Sonnets”: On the Pleasures of Literary Maps

By Julie Larios Let me tell you about a small map I have framed and hanging in my house. It’s from a book published in 1778; across the top of the map, in an elegant hand, it reads “Road from Dublin to Clonegall and Carnew.” Specifically, it shows the portion of the road from Rathdrum […]

Two Potholders: What I Learned from Lynne Rae Perkins

by Virginia Duncan I am the proud owner of two potholders handmade by Lynne Rae Perkins. One of them is quilted; the other, woven. I adore them. They are the kind of potholders that beg to be used — both beautiful and utilitarian. But I can’t cook. I was one of those people you hear […]