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Moving Pictures: Morton Schindel Revisited

By Terri Payne Butler Imagine Winnie the Pooh without Disney: the silly old bear and his friends translated to film without ever looking or sounding silly themselves. That’s the way it would have been had Weston Woods Studio’s Morton Schindel been the one to turn loose his artists and animators on the cherished children’s classic. […]

Field Notes: “Mom, Look! It’s George, and He’s a TV Indian!”

by Debbie Reese The title for this article came from my daughter, Elizabeth. One day last year when I picked her up from kindergarten, she came rushing to me with a scrunched-up, angry face. Before she even said hello, she plopped down on the hallway floor and opened the George and Martha book she’d checked […]

Review of Holes

Holes by Louis Sachar Intermediate, Older     Foster/Farrar     235 pp. 9/98      ISBN 0-374-33265-7      $16.00     g Many years ago I heard a long — very long — shaggy dog story involving a couple of grumpy people, a plane, a train, a brick, a dog, and a cigar. It must have gone on for forty-five minutes or so, […]