>Counting YA

>Harold Underdown has done some interesting digging into the statistics about YA publishing that were used by journalist D.B. Grady for an article in the Atlantic. But whether there were 30,000 YA novels published in 2009 (unlikely, as Harold demonstrates) or 8,000 (as Harold estimates), can we all agree that there are too many? My […]

>It’s Not How Long You Make It, Is It?

>A tangential question that came up when we were discussing digital review copies made me pull out my calculator. How much longer are books getting? I compared fiction for ages 12 and up reviewed in the Magazine in the September issues of 2009, 1999, 1989 and 1979 (October issue; we were on a different schedule […]

What’s Math Got to Do with it?

The Writer’s Page by Donna Jo Napoli I was once in mathematics. Now I’m in writing. What’s math got to do with it? A lot. During my first year in college, I took the required freshman writing course. There was one fiction assignment. The day after I turned it in, I got a phone call […]