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Maurice Sendak: Picture Books

Sendak’s self-styled trilogy about children confronting and mastering fear has inspired much debate and more than a few dissertations, but generations of children have managed all on their own to “only connect” with these three masterpieces. Where the Wild Things Are (1963), Sendak’s best-known work and the 1964 Caldecott Medal Winner, has proved utterly engrossing […]

Two questions for four Fellows

Last year, I went to Maurice Sendak’s house to spend a day with the Sendak Fellows, four artists who were given time and studios to work on any project they desired, as well as access to Maurice for advice and encouragement. So who better to talk about his legacy? I asked each Fellow “what’s the […]

Justice League v. Avengers?

(art by Hanna Friederichs). We saw The Avengers last night–kinda long and the special effects in the last third of the movie too easily betrayed their origins, but it was diverting. I liked Thor more. As a child, I found the Marvel Comics universe a cooler and harsher place than Superman’s DC world, and on […]

Reviews of select books by Maurice Sendak

A Hole Is to Dig written by Ruth Krauss, illus. by Maurice Sendak, Harper, 1952 Entirely original in approach and content is this “first book of first definitions” in which Miss Krauss, with the help of children themselves, gives us such gems as “a seashell is to hear the sea”;  “cats are so you can […]

Maurice Sendak, 1928-2012

We remember the incomparable Maurice Sendak, longtime Friend of The Horn Book, with these articles about, interviews with, and writings and illustrations by the great man, along with select reviews of his books. It’s My Party: An Interview with Maurice Sendak by Leonard S. Marcus, from the September/October 2011 issue of The Horn Book Magazine. […]

My friend Maurice

Maurice Sendak died last night at the age of 83. There will be many forthcoming tributes to this great artist, including quite a lot of material by and about him from The Horn Book Magazine, which we will be posting on our website for you as we can. But I wanted to take a minute […]

Guiding the young

“This is a very good start, really. Now, you might want to move that line just a tad to the left, and think a bit about your colors.”

Rooms of their own

I was of course kidding when I characterized the Sendak Fellowship as a reality show, but there are some aspects of it that are similar. Four people whose only things necessarily  in common are  talent and an interest in creating picture books share a large house for a month. They also share access to an […]

Gathering nutmegs while we may

R and I are off to the state of my birth tomorrow, visiting Maurice Sendak and his “Sendak fellows” in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The four fellows, picture-book artists all, spend a month working in a house next to Sendak’s as they are filmed for the reality series Bunny Eat Bunny. Watch the contestants feud over gouache! […]

It’s My Party: An Interview with Maurice Sendak

Loosely based on a two-minute animation Sendak created with Jim Henson for Sesame Street in 1971, Bumble-Ardy revisits his long-standing preoccupations with childhood outsider-hood and saving-grace resilience, but with a new twist of extravagance taken straight from the operatic playbook of Giuseppe Verdi. We talked about all this at the artist’s kitchen table in a conversation recorded on May 12, 2011.