The Star’s Guide to Writing for Children — page 11


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The Star’s Guide to Writing for Children — page 12


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You never know what you’ll find when opening boxes at the Horn Book. You might come across the perfect accessory to complete your ensemble.

Our terrific interns


Yesterday I was tidying up my new office and found these little origami items left by my marvelous spring semester design intern, August Lah. Most of the time I keep her pretty busy, but on days when there’s a lot of scanning, it’s hurry-up-and-wait time. Place the book on the scanner, click on Preview, crop, […]

The real superheroes


Shared reading has made my child a Frog and Toad and George and Martha  fan. Preschool has made him a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan. (Remember them, ’80s kids? They’re back.) In the absence of action figures, he uses his Lego animals as Ninja Turtles. The other day he was playing superheroes: “Here’s Donatello, and […]

Moving Moment No. 3


Reviewed in 1995, The Very Lonely Firefly is still blinking after all these years.          

2012-2013 yearbook superlatives

grad cupcakes

Summer is ending and the new school year is looming. What better way to avoid thinking about school starting than by reflecting on the year that was? Here are our senior superlatives for characters in the class of 2012-2013. What superlative would you award your favorite character? Most artistic: Ivan the gorilla (from The One […]

An unexpected encounter with The Gremlins

gremlins cover

On a recent trip to New Orleans I spent a day visiting the National World War II Museum. The museum itself was a treat for this history buff to explore, but as a children’s literature aficionado, I also got a pleasant surprise in the gift shop: on display was a book by Roald Dahl. I […]

It’s time to play the (sexy) music


Watching old episodes of The Muppet Show with my three-year-old, I’m reminded of the Katy Perry Sesame Street scandal from a few years ago. Granted, Gonzo and the gang have always been more envelope-pushing than their daytime puppet counterparts, but it is nevertheless a little bit off-key-sounding to hear Kermit describe Raquel Welch as “sexy” […]

Book Request Haiku

All I know is that The toad takes some kind of bath And lives forever. (Tuck Everlasting) My teacher read it To show why we should always Listen to spiders. (Charlotte’s Web) The illustrations Showed corks growing in bunches Like fruit on the trees. (The Story of Ferdinand) A single gold tooth, One of them […]