>Burning down the house?

>Amazon’s new e-book reader, Kindle, is here. I have great hopes for e-books, read them regularly (via Miss Palm) and Kindle has a lot of neat features, mostly stemming from its free (if limited) wireless access to the internet. But two things are stopping me from wanting one: it’s ugly and it doesn’t have a […]

>How many do YOU bring?

>I will be out of the office the rest of this week, giving a speech in Vermont and then taking a few days to enjoy the Green Mountain State ( a visit to Beau Ties, I hope, and any recommendations for food and ice cream would be much appreciated). And I’m bringing a prodigious number […]

>"We Are All Winners"

>opined Karen Hesse in her Newbery-Medal acceptance speech (yeah, I know, easy for her to say) but I am stoked, not to mention contractually obligated, to announce the winners of Mother Reader’s 48 Hour Book Challenge. The Most Books Read Prize goes to the Midwestern Lodestar blog, and the Most Time Spent Reading Prize to […]

>Paging Julie Brown

>We’ve put together a summer reading list for your pleasure; please note that it fulfills no requirements and promises nothing but a good time. Bruce Brooks kicked off my summer reading with a gift of the latest Prey book (Invisible Prey) by John Sandford. Give me Sandford’s Lucas Davenport in the summer and Donna Leon’s […]

>God bless audiobooks

>I spent two hours this afternoon undergoing a root canal with only novocaine as my friend. And an audiobook, Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopoholic, really very dopey but just the thing for the circumstances. I had wondered if I would be able to concentrate enough amidst the drilling and tugging and ER-like passing of […]

>And if you’re not an English major?

>The discussion about Shakespeare reminds me of something a friend of mine said she was going to do while taking some extended leave from employment: she was going to read Ulysses, because she thought it was something every educated person needs to have on their read-that list. Maybe, if I’m on a very small, very […]

>Kurt Vonnegut

>has died, and Monica Edinger offers a brief tribute to his impact on her “arty and alienated” group of high school chums. I never “got” Vonnegut the way many of my friends did, but I can certainly appreciate the way he pushed at the boundaries of science fiction to make us rethink it and literature […]

>Flashcards, anyone?

>Galleycat, home of the tall hotties, led me to a London Times story about ICUE, a U.K. company that offers electronic books for your cellphone (yes, yours, not mine). Apparently, one way to get around the small screen size is to use an option in the software that flashes one. word. at. a. time onto […]


>Then get on over here for information about Simmons College’s Center for the Study of Children’s Literature’s 2007 Summer Institute, Food, Glorious Food, held July 26-29. I’ve participated in several of these events and they are always enlightening, spirited, and impeccably managed. PLUS: Susan Bloom, Professor Emerita of the Center and I believe still mistress […]

>Reading along

>Yesterday I was having one of the few unalloyed pleasures of my job, where I was asked to read a book merely for another opinion. We were beyond the yea-or-nay stage of reviewing it–the reviewer and Martha agreed it was really good–and I was just reading it to Keep Up. See, the problem with being […]