The Animal Book: Author Steve Jenkins’s 2014 BGHB NF Honor Speech

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I’ve been interested in the science of the natural world for as long as I can remember. As a child, I read anything and everything about animals that I could get my hands on, even if I didn’t always understand it. At the time — this was in the late 1950s — the children’s nonfiction […]

Actual Size

Actual Size

We are reading four information books for our next class, all picture books but for various ages. Steve Jenkins’s Actual Size could be read with very young children or with older ones depending on how you choose to  share it. There is basic information in large type and details for older children in smaller type. The […]

Steve Jenkins Talks with Roger

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Talks with Roger is a sponsored supplement to our free monthly e-newsletter, Notes from the Horn Book. To receive Notes, sign up here. There’s no doubt that Steve Jenkins can do things with paper collage that are impressive and beautiful; perhaps less obvious to the eye is the scientific thinking behind every picture. From dinosaurs […]

My First Day – review of the week from January

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As a past Caldecott honoree, Steve Jenkins will surely be on the committee’s radar this year. Here’s Danielle Ford’s review of the week of his January 2013 book, My First Day.

January 2013 reviews of the week

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As promised, we’re going to pop up from time to time off-season to keep us all up to date with new books that will be eligible for the next Caldecott. Every week, this website posts a review from the latest issue of Horn Book Magazine. Whenever it’s a picture book review, we’ll put link here. […]

The Importance of Being Wrong

by Steve Jenkins Here’s a scientific fact I find fascinating: there is a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, four million times as massive as our own sun. Our sun rotates on its axis about once a month. This black hole rotates every eleven minutes. We can’t see it, because […]

What Would Steve Read?

by Steve Jenkins A snowstorm in August — stranger things have happened in Colorado. Interestingly, I’ve approximated Roger’s imaginary scenario by participating in a first-rate bicycle crash. Broken bones, bruises, and a jaw wired shut have rendered me homebound for a few days. So instead of making something up, I can report what really happened […]

Top of the World: Author Steve Jenkins’s 1999 BGHB Nonfiction Award Speech

by Steve Jenkins I’ve been working on books for children for seven years, and a few themes keep emerging. I have the feeling, often, that book ideas have chosen me, rather than the other way around. In my books, I try to present straightforward information in a context that makes sense to children. Children don’t […]