>June newsletter

>The June issue of Notes from the Horn Book should be in your inbox right now (if not, see it and sign up here). Included in this issue: Roger interviews Alexandra Day (Good Dog, Carl‘s mistress), recommends some picture books for dog and pony lovers, holds forth on some eagerly anticipated sequels, and makes a […]

>I’m-a the Most Happy Fella

>Richard and I are off to Napa today for the wedding of his adorable son Dorian to the lovely Julie, so I won’t be posting for a week or so. Kitty tells me she’ll keep you informed of any especially juicy gossip. Plenty of reading is coming along–the last quarter of Middlemarch, Ha Jin’s A […]

>New and new

>The new Notes from the Horn Book should be in your inbox. And Claire’s latest list–Summer Reading–is up on our site. I think I should confess that I am hooked on Beach Blondes, wherein Summer has three hot dudes vying for her attention and a possible fourth who may be her long lost big brother. […]

>Is long the new short?

>I just picked up Katherine Applegate’s Beach Blondes: A Summer Novel (Simon Pulse) and boy are my arms tired. This sucker is 721 paperback pages long, and first in a series to boot. I’m guessing it’s so fat for some strategic marketing reason, or perhaps I just haven’t yet gotten to the chapter “This Is […]

>It’s more than roasted weinies

>Worker of the world Claire has put together a list of books for Labor Day.

>July/August ’07 Horn Book

>The July-August issue of the Horn Book Magazine is out; selected snippets can be found on our website but, c’mon, subscribe already. Also new: assistant editor cum tea-dumping subversive Claire Gross gets all in the (British) government’s face with a reading list of books about the events of 1776.

>"We Are All Winners"

>opined Karen Hesse in her Newbery-Medal acceptance speech (yeah, I know, easy for her to say) but I am stoked, not to mention contractually obligated, to announce the winners of Mother Reader’s 48 Hour Book Challenge. The Most Books Read Prize goes to the Midwestern Lodestar blog, and the Most Time Spent Reading Prize to […]

>Paging Julie Brown

>We’ve put together a summer reading list for your pleasure; please note that it fulfills no requirements and promises nothing but a good time. Bruce Brooks kicked off my summer reading with a gift of the latest Prey book (Invisible Prey) by John Sandford. Give me Sandford’s Lucas Davenport in the summer and Donna Leon’s […]