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Archives for 1970

Horn Book Fanfare 1970

Best books of 1970 Chosen annually by our editors, Fanfare is The Horn Book Magazine’s selection of the best children’s and young adult books of the year. Picture Books Topsy-Turvies: Pictures to Stretch the Imagination illustrated by Mitsumasa Anno (Walker/Weatherhill) Journey to the Moon illustrated by Erich Fuchs (Delacorte) Every Man Heart Lay Down written […]

William Steig letter to Paul Heins (June, 1970)

June 12, ’70 Dear Mr. Heins – I hope you’ll understand if I tell you that I tend to be a bit “uptight”, even neurotic perhaps, about being edited. It’s not vanity — I don’t think I’m a great writer, or even a good one (in fact, I’m not a writer) — but I like […]

William Steig Letters to Paul Heins (May 1970)

May 10, ’70 Dear Mr. Heins, Bob Kraus just read your letter to me (the one about my Caldecott acceptance speech) over the phone. I’m afraid now that in addition to having to make a speech, which for me will be like walking on red hot embers & broken glass, I will have the additional […]