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Archives for 1997

Heather and Her Critics

As an out lesbian author of six picture books, five of which depict families with gay or lesbian members, I have been called one of the most dangerous writers living in America today. In fact, in 1994, my book Heather Has Two Mommies was the second most challenged book in the nation, following closely on […]

“Accumulated Power”

By Margaret Mahy When I was a child, books published in the U.S. were difficult to come by in New Zealand, dominated as it was by its trading relationship with Britain. But by the time I came to read to my daughters, the publishing world had changed. I was able to read them Blueberries for […]

“Have a Carrot”

by Cynthia Voigt I don’t know that my children would agree — and I am not consulting them to find out — but high on the list of favorite read-aloud books in the house where I was the Mommy is The Runaway Bunny. As a mother, as a pillow to the warm small nestling body, […]

Connections: History Changes Color: A Story in Three Parts

When Carter Woodson started Negro History Week in 1926, he wanted the world to know that his people, too, had a history — something his own people had been prevented from learning. What Arna Bontemps didn’t learn as a boy, he put into books for black children and white. Who’d imagine a whole month of […]