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Archives for January 1998

A Drop of Water: Walter Wick’s 1997 BGHB Nonfiction Award Speech

I am very grateful to receive this prestigious award. The circumstances by which I came to do a science book called A Drop of Water makes this award all the more special to me. I would like to tell you why. I was never a very good student. My grades were below average; I was […]

Writing Backward: Modern Models in Historical Fiction

I expect we can all agree that historical fiction should be good fiction and good history. If we leap over the first briar patch by calling good fiction an “interesting narrative with well-developed characters,” we are still left with the question of what is good history. Alas, there are nearly as many thorns here as […]

Who Can Tell My Story

We speak a different language in my grandmother’s house. When the family is alone together or with close friends, our language flows into a southern dialect essenced with my younger brother’s (and sometimes my own) hip-hop of-the-moment idioms — what was once good became fresh and is now the bomb. What was once great was […]