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Archives for September 1999

Horn Book Reminiscence from Elizabeth Orton Jones

By Elizabeth Orton Jones Tchrr-r-r-r! The phone would ring. I’d answer, and after a considerable while I’d hear a faint little quavery voice, as if someone were calling me from beyond the Pleiades . . . “E-li-i-izabeth?” It would be my dear friend Bertha Mahony Miller, calling from Ashburnham, Massachusetts, about seventeen miles from Mason, New Hampshire, where I […]

Horn Book Reminiscence from Lillian N. Gerhardt

From Lillian N. Gerhardt The Horn Book was just ending the celebration of its first forty years of publication when I went to work for the advance review agency Kirkus Review Service. Its founder, Virginia Kirkus, was seventy years old and still an active presence on the staff. Unlike most who reach that age, Kirkus was disinclined […]

Editorial: Potter’s Field

On this occasion of our 75th anniversary issue, I’m reminded what a constant presence the past is at the Horn Book offices. When, as we do here with some regularity, we invoke past editors of the Horn Book, we don’t bother with chronology. They aren’t Back Then but (with the exception of my immediate predecessor) […]

Horn Book Reminscence from Nancy Sheridan

By Nancy Sheridan It was December of 1979, and Susan Cooper, Margaret Hodges, David McCord, Erik Haugaard, Jill Paton Walsh, and Norma Farber were contributors to the Horn Book. Not a bad line-up. And I was continuing an editorial internship that would eventually lead to the job of editorial assistant and, later, assistant editor. Memories […]

Horn Book Reminiscence from Karen Klockner

By Karen Klockner I recently discovered a paper I wrote in fourth grade about the history of the alphabet. I loved the letter forms, the symbols, the idea of historical change reflected in the characters. So it amused me to think that years later, as a graduate student in Boston, the alphabet came to play […]

Horn Book Reminiscence from Karen Jameyson

By Karen Jameyson “Hello, is that the horny book?” the husky voice inquired. “Umm . . . well . . . ” Not that I knew of, but then I’d only been working at the Horn Book, Inc., for a couple of days when I answered that phone call from someone looking for a porn magazine. Maybe those tidy rows of children’s books […]

Horn Book Reminiscence from Elizabeth Dyer Halbrooks

By Elizabeth Dyer Halbrooks One day back in 1963 I bumped into Ruth Hill Viguers, then editor of The Horn Book Magazine, at the Star Market. After a short chat, she said, “Are you still looking for a job? We have a wonderful opening at the Horn Book. The business manager is leaving.” I couldn’t […]

Horn Book reminiscence from Jill Paton Walsh and John Rowe Townsend

Paul Heins was a Bostonian born and bred: a perfect Bostonian gentleman. (He was not a Boston Brahmin, but then, you do not have to be a Brahmin to be a gentleman.) Ethel was a New Englander by adoption. Together they seemed to our British eyes to be archetypal New Englanders, combining shrewdness, seriousness, integrity, […]