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Archives for 2005

>P-town reading lists . . .

>. . . are more or less complete, but as any reader knows, temptation lurks until the door is closed. Richard is all set with his Christmas book (the new Scott Turow) and his Hanukkah book (Schickel’s bio of Elia Kazan). I’m bringing Colm Toibin’s The Master, Paris Requiem by Lisa Appignanesi, Suketu Mehta’s Maximum […]

>Awards: who needs ’em?

>I’m bumping up this comment from a previous discussion because I think it brings up questions we can all usefully ponder. The mysterious shewhousually doesn’tdothistypeofthing wrote: Suppose someone took it into her head to rank the dying and give awards for best last days or near to last days based on certain well thought out […]

>Never Be Cross or Cruel

>Caitlin Flanagan has a piece on P. L. Travers in the recent New Yorker, found (for the moment, anyway) online here. Although I have doubts about nannies “as a force in American life,” a premise than can resound only in the Conde Nast building and the women’s pages of, Flanagan thankfully forgets this opening […]

>Vote for the Newbery!

>No, not really, but Oakland, CA children’s librarian Nina Lindsay is running a mock Newbery discussion in January that sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. So, for those of you in the area, the details are: Saturday, January 7 from 1pm to 5pm at the Oakland Public Library, 125 14th […]

>Seasonal finery

>Hey, look what I’m wearing for the Horn Book Holiday Lunch today: Do you think Bill O’Reilly would approve? We’re having Middle Eastern, which I’m sure would bring out his not-so-latent schizophrenia. (Thanks to Richard for the early morning photograph.)

>The Christmas Code

>Has anyone here successfully cracked the code for giving books as gifts? As I’m sure any librarians who are reading this will agree, the nature of our profession makes us, in the public’s eyes, expert gift-book advisors, when we know that selecting a book for an unknown-to-us “ten-year-old girl who LOVES to read” is a […]

>Don’t Listen

>It was my friend Pam Varley who got me hooked on audiobooks, and you can read why she thinks they are so terrific here. These days I get most of my audiobooks from, and I can spend hours poring over their website, adding and subtracting books from my “wish list,” and selecting my allotted […]

>Lock Up Your Daughters

>Candlewick Press’ editorial director Liz Bicknell contributes to the op-ed page of The Baltimore Sun today, writing in support of The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler, which has been removed from all the schools in the Carroll Country system by the superintendent, Charles I. Ecker. As Liz points out, […]

>The Lion Roars and Thus Sounds the Horn

>Gosh, that title makes me feel like I’m channeling Christopher Paolini, but I simply wanted to tell you that Anita Burkam’s review of the new Narnia movie is up on our website.

>And maybe Laurie Piper can play her in the movie

>I was entertained by this anecdote from Faux News guy John Gibson’s new book The War on Christmas (cited in”The So-Called War on Christmas” by Adam Cohen, a NYT “Select” article, so I can’t link to it, sorry): Mr. Gibson takes up the cause of Sherrie Versher, the mother of a 10 1/2-year-old public school […]