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Archives for December 2005

>My Own Private Narnia

>I haven’t seen the movie yet but the recent snowstorm turned a small stretch of my jogging route into a reasonable facsimile. And Horn Book marketing mavens JD and Anne, along with design empress Lolly have been putting together a C.S. Lewis page on our website with reviews of the series from our archive. Take […]

>Whisper Who Dares?

>I see from a message posted by Monica Edinger on the childlit listserv that the Mouse that roars has new plans for the Hundred Acre Wood, replacing Christopher Robin with an as-yet unnamed but confirmedly red-headed girl. The Disney Channel’s Nancy Kanter says “we hope people will fall for this new tomboyish girl. The last […]

>Tookie Williams

>When Stanley “Tookie” Williams published his first round of children’s books, “Tookie Speaks Out Against Gang Violence,” I was asked for comment by Newsweek, and my negative remarks subsequently earned me a series of phone calls from men who described themselves as Mr. Williams’ “associates.” My mistake, by their lights, was to divorce the quality […]

>Weighty concerns

>I am not exactly sure what Edward Rothstein is saying in his column in today’s New York Times, “Reading Kids’ Books without the Kids.” He begins with a rather easy poke at YA fiction, true enough as far as it goes but failing to recognize either YA’s breadth or its origins. He has a very […]

>Fanfare 2005

>We’ve just posted Fanfare, the Horn Book’s choices for the best books of the year, on our website. It will also appear in the January/February issue of the Magazine.