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Archives for January 2006

>And the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal goes to…

>. . . oh, the hell with confidentiality. Unfortunately, the lady is ineligible, having not published citable work in the last twenty-five years (this rule got Robert McCloskey in trouble, too). But think of what Harper Lee has done for children’s literature in this country–and, ahem, pursuant to our last discussion, without even a notion […]

>Oh Grow Up, Pt 2

>After railing against young adult literature’s tendency to find and fill with itself whatever gap there might be in teenaged reading, my conscience requires that I give you the link to this year’s Alex Awards, ALA’s top ten adult books for young adults. I’m happy they chose Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, which I’m listening […]

>Back from San Antonio

>I really wish I had more fun stuff to report. It was great see the Wilder committee work with dispatch and amity; great to see so many old friends; great to make some new friends, too. The food was fine; best of all was a post-press conference breakfast at a joint far from the convention […]

>Off to Texas . . .

>. . . in the morning for ALA. Still saving my pennies for a laptop (Power Book or Mac Book Pro? please weigh in) so nothin’ from me until Tuesday. I’m assured that Newbery/Caldecott/etc. news will be on our website bright and early–the press conference will be at 9:00 AM EST. I’ll be there taking […]

>Not even Jack Bauer and his fully loaded man-purse

>. . .could get me to post here a prediction for the Newbery or Caldecott (as requested in a comment on the previous post). I’m never right; my more pressing concern is always that we have reviewed the medal-winners or have spelled out in the Guide just why they were passed over by the Magazine. […]

>You really should subscribe, you know

>As we try to find ways to make our reviews fly around the world ever more quickly, quickly, we are going to be, in some cases, publishing them first in electronic form, with print to follow. If you are a subscriber you can take a look at our first flight: on our website, we have […]

>Oh, grow up.

>I’ve just been reading Patrick Cooper’s I Is Someone Else (review to come in the March issue). Published here by Delacorte Press with an April pub date, it’s an English novel set in 1966 about a boy, Stephen, who needs desperately to talk to his older brother, long lost on the countercultural road that stretched […]

>Reading for Young Sheep

>I’ve just spotted what could be a nice addition to the bookstore for baby Nazis; I know, I know, good intentions and all that but please: It’s not the little straight-armed sideways heil on the cover that bugs me so much; it’s the text inside: “We follow the rules. We line up. We follow the […]

>Gerald Hodges

>I was very saddened to learn tonight that my old friend Gerald Hodges has died. Gerald was most recently Associate Executive Director of the ALA but I met him when he was still a library school professor, specializing in services to teens and schools, and active in what was then the Young Adult Services Division, […]

>Step away from the story

>I notice that the publisher of A Million Little Pieces, while ostensibly sticking by the embattled James Frey, is starting to cover its own ass, as in harrumphing that Frey “represented to us that his version of events was true to his recollections.” Second, ALA has inserted itself into’s “Don’t Read” ad campaign. For […]