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Archives for February 2006

>V-Day Confessions

>The question is, what literary character could make you see stars, complete your life, take you dancing and love you forever? I’ll go first. When I need to feel highbrow, I go with Emma‘s Mr . Knightley. But my heart truly belongs to John Sandford’s Lucas Davenport, who can cook, shoot, and design computer games, […]

>The Tom and Daphne Show

>I think these were their names; years ago my colleague Anne Quirk came back from observing a Best Books for Young Adults committee meeting and said, “It’s become the Tom and Daphne Show.” Tom and Daphne were young people known to one of the librarians on the committee, who was having them read nominated titles […]

>Wise words

>from the forthcoming Rosy Cole’s Memoir Explosion by Sheila Greenwald (Kroupa/FSG): “Writing a memoir is not the assignment,” Mrs. Oliphant reminded me. She opened the dictionary on her desk and turned to the page for memoir. “‘A memoir is a narrative from personal experience and memory,’” she read. Then she closed the book. “A memoir […]


>Warming up for their annual email-go-round re the Red Sox (and why does the person who lives two miles from Fenway Park care the least?), my scattered cousins and siblings have all been swapping variants on the chocolate bread pudding we were all served as children. Heeding SheWho’s suggestion that providing recipes is the way […]

>Oh, Grow Up Pt. 3

>The March issue’s focus on graphic novels has me thinking again about how we do/should/shouldn’t define YA literature. Graphic novels, like comics before them, have done just fine outside the frame of traditional children’s book publishing. Thrived, even. But now it seems like every children’s publisher is adding graphic novels to its list, or creating […]

>More March

>We’re just sending the March-April issue to the printer, and it looks great. Robin Brenner and Hollis Rudiger, separately, on graphic novels; Bart Moeyaert and Brian Doyle (not the Canadian one) on translation; our own Vicky Smith on bastardizing the Bard in children’s books; Judith Ridge on cross-cultural writing in Australia; and a reminiscence of […]


>Some readers of this blog (thank you, J.D. and Susan Lempke) kindly passed along a mention of Read Roger in a review of children’s lit blogs that appeared in The Star Online, “connecting Malaysians around the world.” I intend to get blog t-shirts made up with the money quote: “not for sheep.” Any takers? Designers?

>March Stars

>Or would that be March, stars!, anticipating a newly disciplined red carpet at the Oscars this year. (Forgive me, the fever is just breaking.) Anyway, the books whose reviews will be starred in the March/April issue of the Horn Book are (in the order they will come in the book review section): Lilly’s Big Day […]

>Snake Tale

>Hey all, home with a cold here but had a bit I wanted to say re the Harriet Ziefert scandal. When I was walking around the ALA exhibits in San Antonio, I saw Harriet at the Blue Apple/Handprint booth, where she pointed out A Snake Is Totally Tail to me as something she was sure […]